Coalition to End Hunger in Lakewood

Lakewood organizations fighting to end hunger together

This is hunger in Lakewood, Colorado. Let's end it.

Nearly 1 in 3 Coloradans struggle with hunger, not always having enough money to buy food.1

Food insecurity increases the risk of health complications including heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease.2

Fifty percent of Lakewood K-12 students qualify for free or reduced lunch.3

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CEHL do?

CEHL aims to end hunger in Lakewood through a unified effort of local hunger-fighting organizations. Coalition partners meet each month to collaborate, discuss coalition goals, and share resources.

How can I get involved?

Visit our About page! Many of our partner organizations have opportunities to volunteer, donate, or share resources.

Can my organization join?

Yes, CEHL would love to collaborate with more food growers, farmers' markets, food pantries, and other food assistance providers in the Lakewood area. If this sounds like your organization, email to get started.

Still have questions? Email for more information.

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