Our Vision

"Reduce hunger in Lakewood through a coordinated hunger relief food system inclusive of food growers and the spectrum of food assistance providers"

Photo by Maja Petric on Unsplash

Why a Coalition?

In 2018, after seeing the need to alleviate hunger in the community, Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul established the Coalition to End Hunger in Lakewood. There are many groups addressing hunger and hunger-related issues in Lakewood. CEHL's mission is to coordinate and collaborate with these organizations and the Lakewood community to raise awareness and create solutions together.

Why End Hunger?

Malnutrition has significant mental and physical health implications that last a lifetime. Additionally, hungry individuals have less energy to focus on education, work, and living well. Humans need proper nourishment to survive and thrive, and the Coalition to End Hunger in Lakewood aims to see the damaging effects of hunger alleviated from the Lakewood community.

Why Lakewood, Colorado?

People are malnourished in Lakewood today. Solving the Lakewood hunger problem is a community-wide effort that begins with the awareness of its members and the collaboration of local organizations, until there are no more hungry neighbors. Lakewood's Mayor Adam Paul commissioned the Coalition to End Hunger in Lakewood "because no one should be hungry in a great city like ours."

Food Bank of the Rockies

Chris Taylor is the Outreach Manager at Food Bank of the Rockies.

We provide food and necessities to people in need through signature programs and by teaming up with hundreds of Hunger Relief Partners to serve communities across Colorado and Wyoming, the largest food bank coverage area in the contiguous United States. We believe that for a community to thrive, every member must have the resources they need to flourish, and we strive to provide equitable access to proper nourishment for all.

For information about volunteer opportunities, see the Food Bank of the Rockies website here.

The Action Center

Carolyn Alexander is the Director of Operations at The Action Center.

The Action Center’s mission is to provide an immediate and compassionate response to those in our community experiencing hardship and by offering the resources and services needed to stabilize lives and promote pathways to lasting change. We provide food, clothing, rental, utility and bill pay assistance as well as other supportive services.

To volunteer, sign up on our website here. If you have a volunteer group you would like to bring in or would like to explore administrative or other non-clothing or food volunteer opportunities, please email volunteer@theactioncenter.org.